Hello and Welcome to the Project Whoopee: Humane Society Web Site! We spread the word to people about pet care, and have been working with animals and people in the Bronx for over thirty years.  Our outreach program is designed to educated those with pets so that they and their best buddy live happy and healthy lives together.  We also keep pet owners in the New York area well-informed of new laws pertaining to them and their pets like leash laws, park codes, housing codes, etc. Furthermore, we help people help pets; we promote the adoption of shelter pets, pets who would die unless they received a home.  Here are a few thoughts to share with you:

  • Please adopt a shelter pet

  • Please spay/neuter your pet

  • Keep your pet on a leash when outside

  • There is no excuse for animal abuse

Our Goals are to:

  • help people have a better understanding of pet behavior so they will understand the things a pet does and what steps they will have to take to train them properly. We do this by giving out information to people in areas who would never know some of those things.

  • establish a dog/cat museum and learning/information center in the Bronx where people can come to learn the different aspects of animals and see what pets really mean to some people.

  • To open an overnight emergency Mash Animal Hospital in the Bronx. The Bronx is the only borough that does not have an emergency clinic open at night for pets. This clinic would treat and stabilize a pet until morning when the owner could take it to the regular vet. If the pet gets sick at 10pm it may not be able to last until 9am the next morning. I know there is an excellent animal hospital in Manhattan that is open 24 hours, but when an animal is chocking or bleeding every second counts.

Check out our NYC Pet Law Page and our Upcoming Events Section. And remember, there's no excuse for animal abuse!

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